Joop! Homme Absolute 250ml Hair & Body Wash

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This hair and body wash is infused with the scent of JOOP! Homme Absolute. Like the JOOP! Homme man, the JOOP! Homme Absolute man is a born seducer. He is confident enough to let his guard down. Never taking himself too seriously, he knows that humour and playfulness pave the way to happiness. But he also values closeness, complicity and intimacy. Because he believes in himself and pursues his own passions, he can shed his ego to share time, trust and complicity with the people he loves. Homme Absolute is a fragrant illustration of men’s dual nature. Indeed it contrasts a very unexpected floral heart note with an unmistakably masculine base accord. The fragrance opens with a spicy note of black pepper. This energetic and catchy overture gives way to the mesmerizing scent Ylang-Ylang, which is more common note in feminine fragrances. On the other side of the spectrum, the top-down is a very powerful blend of virile notes: fresh and aromatic vetiver, rich and aromatic tonka beans and a hint of precious incense.

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Barcode 3614224907204
Size 250ml
Brand Joop
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